2013 - ISU Palanan Extension

A. Agency Transparency Seal

    A.1 - Agency mandate, functions and contact info of officials
    A.2 - Statement of Allotments and Obligations - 2011 and 2012
    A.3 - Financial Accountability Reports

    • First Quarter 2013
    • Second Quarter 2013

    A.4 - Approved Budget and MFO Targets 
    A.5 - Major programs and projects
    A.6 - Program/project beneficiaries
    A.7 - Status of implementation of major programs and projects
    A.8 - Annual Procurement Plan

B. PhilGEPS Postings

C. Liquidation of Cash Advances

D. Citizen’s Charter

E. Others

  • Compliance with submission & review of SALN
  • Initial alignment to GQMSS