Vision / Mission


The Isabela State University, a globally recognized institution of higher learning for people empowerment and sustainable development embodying excellence, effectiveness, accountability and integrity.



The Isabela State University is committed to train and develop students to become professionally competent graduates who are equipped with sound moral principles; and to serve the community through research, extension and resource generation by way of inspired leadership and responsive manpower.



ISU commits itself to dispensing its functions with productivity and exemplifying its values with distinction and brilliance. Every work manifests a distinct quality and every individual persistently strives to improve his performance and value system.

ISU desires a far-reaching and long-lasting useful impact on every individual, every institution and on various other entities both in local and international scenes that can be translated into holistic growth of people, of the country and the world.

ISU commits to being answerable to everyone, to every appropriate authority and to the laws of the land and of GOD in everything that it does. It submits itself to the highest principles of responsibility, responsiveness, and moral uprightness.

ISU adheres to high moral soundness internally and externally. It dispenses and upholds honesty in thoughts, in words and in deeds and conducts transactions with transparency and accountability. It submits itself to the highest level of professional standards and individual and corporate wholeness. The Lord God is its icon of integrity.